Anecdota de Vergilio

The Secret History of Virgil
by Alexander Neckam

said to be based on a
History by Gaius Asinius Pollio

From a Manuscript in Old Royal Library in the British Museum
Edited and Translated
By Joannes Opsopoeus Brettanus
(c) 1996

Praefatio ad Lectorem (Preface to the Reader)

  1. Ortus Vergilii Mirabilis (The Miraculous Birth of Vergilius)
  2. Niger Taurus & Initiatio Vergilii (The Black Bull and Vergilius' Initiation)
  3. Musca Magica (The Magic Fly)
  4. De Vergilio & Gnomais (On Vergilius and the Gnomes)
  5. Vergilius & Dea Venatus (Vergilius and the Goddess of the Chase)
  6. Cicero et Templum Ruinosum (Cicero and the Ruined Temple)
  7. Necromantis Lac Petens (The Necromancer Begging for Milk)
  8. Tela Incantata (The Enchanted Loom)
  9. Ovum Incantatum Neapolis (The Enchanted Egg of Naples)
  10. Ossa Vergilii (The Bones of Vergilius)

(More legends will be included as they are edited and converted to electronic form.)


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