Agrippan Woman VI

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[image of Agrippan Man][image of Vitruvian Man]The Agrippan Woman is a female analogue of the Agrippan Man (see image to left), named for Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim, in whose Three Books of Occult Philosophy the image appears (Bk. II, Ch. xxvii).  It is sometimes confused with the Vitruvian Man (and the more modern Vitruvian Woman), which is based on a Square rather than a Pentagram (see image to right, also from Agrippa, loc. cit.).  As the Vitruvian images depict the Ideal Proportions of the Physical Body, so the Agrippan Images depict the Ideal Proportions (the Inner Harmony) of the Soul.

In my image the Female Figure is Golden-haired Aphrodite (Roman Venus), and the Pentagram depicts the path through the Heavens of the arisings of Venus.  Green is the color associated with Aphrodite, who is called the Cyprian from Her home on Cypris, the island where Her Metal, Copper (Cyprium, Cuprium), is mined.  Green is the color of Fertility, Vegetation, Procreation, and Resurrection.  The Ancients said that the Female Soul is of the Essence of the Moon, and that women rule over the Material World, the Flux of Coming-to-Be and Passing-Away, symbolized by the Sea.  And so the Archetypal Woman is the Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea.  Hers are the depths of the Unconscious.

Digitally executed using DAZ|Studio® and Bryce® 6.

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