Celestial Spheres

© 2006, John Opsopaus

The Celestial Spheres reveal the esoteric structure of the Cosmos as it is outside of us (Macrocosmos) and as it is within each of us (Microcosmos).  In the center is the Earth, which is also the Ego and its Body.  Surrounding it are the Seven Planets of tradition: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, which also correspond to the Chakras.  Outside it all is the eternal realm of Divinity, impassive and unchanging.  The ever-recurring circular motion of the Spheres is a Mean between two Extremes: the unchanging timelessness of the Empyrium and the non-recurring, rectilinear Flux of the Mundane World.

Digitally executed using Bryce® 5.

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