The Cosmic Temple

© 2006, John Opsopaus

This image depicts a Cosmic Temple that I have constructed on the Astral Plane. The internal structure of the temple (not visible in this image) is a sort of “memory theater,” which represents in spatial form the internal logic of traditional astrology.

The ground floor of the temple has a square floorplan and contains the Mundane Houses of astrology. Above this is a cylindrical tower with one level for each of the seven Astrological Planets (so there is a Moon Chapel, a Sun Chapel, etc.); these levels are not visible from the outside.  The hemispherical dome corrsponds to the Zodiac, and around its periphery are Chambers for each of the Signs. Within the Tower a stairwell descends from each Sign’s Chamber to the Chapel of its Ruling Planet directly below it. For example, the Leo Chamber descends to the Sun Chapel. (Except for the Sun and Moon, each Planet rules two Signs, and so the Chapel for each of these Planets has a Male Wing and a Female Wing corresponding to its two Signs.) Twelve smaller turrets surround Planetary Tower, and each contains a spiral staircase connecting a Zodiacal Chamber to the corresponding House in the Natural Zodiac. That is, the Aries Chamber is connected to the First House, the Taurus Chamber to the Second House, etc. There is a round hole in the center of the Zodiacal Dome (as in the Pantheon), which descends down through the center of the Temple. The Cosmic Axis passes through it (visible at the top of the Dome).

Digitally executed using Bryce® 5.

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