The Inverted Tree

© 2006, John Opsopaus

The Inverted Tree is an esoteric concept known from Neoplatonism and many other spiritual traditions.  It is a symbol of how the world of manifestation is rooted in the realm of Archetypal Ideas.  The Tree’s source is the Inexpressible One, and its principal branches are the Archetypal Ideas.  These ramify into the subsidiary images and reflections of the Ideas down through the realms of greater materialization.  The leaves are the Astral Forms of things, which “in-form” the existence of things in the Material Realm, the misty plane of existence, in which nothing is perfectly clear, the realm of Flux, of Becoming, of Coming-to-be and Passing-away.  In the Theurgic Ascent, we follow the branches from the Leaves back to their Source, ascending the Rays emanating from the Center.  (See also Part V “Theurgy” in my Summary of Pythagorean Theology.)

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