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Isopsephia Calculator

Isopsephia is the ancient Greek system of gematria based on the numerical values of the Greek letters. For example, ZEUS = 612 since Z=7, E=5, U=400, S=200. This calculator also supports the Roman and Hebrew systems. For an explanation of the numerical values of the letters, see the Alphabet Charts; see also the related Thesis Calculator. See also Some Notes on the History of Isopsephia (Gematria). Also available: a Generalized Isopsephia calculator, which allows you to anter whatever numerical values you like for the Greek or Roman alphabets.

Greek Isopsephia

Enter Greek:

Use Betacode for Greek alphabet: ABGDEZHQIKLMNCOPRSTUFXYW (upper or lower case).
Blanks and punctuation are ignored.

Click outside Greek field to calculate value.

Isopsephia =

Roman Isopsephia

Enter Roman letters:

Use upper or lower case. Blanks and punctuation are ignored.

Click outside Roman field to calculate value.

Aequicalculus =

Beatus of Liebana System =

Common 10th Century System =

Hebrew Gematria

Enter Hebrew:

Type the following for the Hebrew alphabet: ABGDHVZXJIKLMNCOPFQRST (upper or lower case). W may be used for V (vau), and Y may be used for I (iod). Blanks and punctuation are ignored.

Click outside Hebrew field to calculate value.

Gematria =

Isopsephia Calculator, version 1.0
© 1998, John Opsopaus

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