Canto XII: The Invocation of Turm’s

Canto XII: The Invocation of Turm’s

    [The chorus sang.]

Now, Janae, tell the ancient tale of how
Our Parents called upon the Gods who dwell
Among the Stars Celestial.  Now, with skein
Of song, ye sisters, weave the hoary words
Together, well relating how the spell
Was caref'lly cast, and what transpired next.

  [Luscinia again sang the narration.]

The ceremony's time was set by Jan'e, who
Had counted back the days until the Moon,
The Magic Lantern, held its greatest Strength,
Then having waxed to full.  Upon that day,
At Twilight did the Holy Shining Twins,
The Glowing Queen of Night, fair Jana, and
Her husband Jan'e, the resplendent Face
Of Day, together take Themselves unto
An Ancient Oak that They had planted in
That year when first They came unto the Isle,
To Sardo.  Underneath its twisted roots,
Descending deep, there was a Sacred Cave,
A cubicle within the Earth, and there
The Rite was done.  Before the Moon had shown
Her face above the lip around the Earth,
Then when the dark-dyed veil of Night was thick,
They went within the Cave, and face to face
They sat; the little altar stood between.
They gathered in Their Spirits, 'till subdued,
Their Souls had settled softly in Their Hearts.
Then Jana did intone in Hoary Words:

  [The words of Jana and Jan'e were again sung by Cinxia and Aquila, respectively.]

  "Tura mat`ec rac`ti!
  Sat`ec tular eisnar!"*

  [*apparently Etruscan:
  "Ready Thou the Mead and Incense!
  Make Thou too the Sacred Boundaries!"]

A glowing coal, which had been taken from
The Holy Hearth and carried in a bowl,
Was used to light the Incense, crumbled leaves
Of Blessed Herbs, which sputtered, spreading smoke
And pungent fumes throughout the chamber,
Exhaling clouds, concealing every sight
And feature of the Cave, nor could They see
Outside it.  Jan'e tilted then a dish
Of Holy Nectar from the Mountain Bees,
Fermented long and purified, and spilt
A little down the cleft that opened in
The floor, inviting aid from Gods who dwell
Within the Mother's bowels; and He inscribed
A Sacred Circle 'round Them both, the Worlds
Dividing, guarding Holy from Profane.
Together They began the Sacred Spell:

  "Incense now is thickly smoking,
  Into Earth the Wine is soaking!

  Turmus! Turmus! Turmus! Hear Us!
  Since Thou art Our Friend, come near Us!
  Never failing nor forsaking,
  Help Us now, this message taking
  Swiftly to its destination,
  Bringing Our communication!

  Gods of Earth and Gods of Heaven,
  Twelve Immortals, Sacred Seven,
  Roving Gods and all the Wardens
  Of the Quarters Bounding Cordons,
  Hear Our call, Ye Gods Immortal,
  Open wide the Sacred Portal!
  High Ones, hear Our grave petition,
  To the Heavens, grant admission!
  We beseech Ye, ask Your favor,
  From Our task to grant a waver!
  Send to Us the Gods' Magician!
  Show to Us the Apparition!

  Holy Herald,
    Turmus, hear Us!
  Holy Herald,
    Come Thou near Us!
  God Immortal,
    Hear Us hailing,
  Show the Portal,
    Sky unveiling!
  Herald, hear Us,
    God Immortal!
  Come Thou near Us!
    Show the Portal!"

And so They chanted in the Ancient Way
Until the Spell was cast with perfect Skill.
He brought it to completion with these words:

  "Now We hail the Holy Herald,
  Calling Him with Ancient Accents:

  Turmus hat`urt`i!  T`unts!
  Turmus esults!
  Turmus mini tes, cits!
  T`ui srenar tev Turm's!*

  [*Turmus once, be kind!
  O Turmus twice!
  O Turmus thrice, assist Me!
  Show us, here and now, the signs, Turm's!]"

The smokey clouds of pungent incense swirled
Around the Two, as from the earthly realm
The Cave was lifted.  Suddenly a round
And shining face of orange appeared above
The far horizon, shedding ruddy light
Within the cave; it was the rising Moon,
Ascending 'till upon the earthly rim
She perched, and bathed the Aged Twins with Light,
With Moonbeams, potent with their Magic.  Swift
A Shadow slid before the Moon and hid
Her face, a figure, stepping through the clouds,
Appeared within the cavern's mouth:  a young
And handsome man approached Them, naked save
Alone a fine himation* thrown across                      [*cloak]
His arms, and well-made sandals strapped around
His ankles, and -- by this They knew Him -- on
His head a Helmet, wide and sporting wings.

"Hello, Turm's!" Jana cried, and Jan'e raised
His hand in greeting.  Likewise Turmus raised
His Staff in solemn salutation, then
Unto the God and Goddess, Turmus spake:

  [Turmus' words were sung by Serpens, a contralto.]

"Ye Shining Twins, My Dearest Jana and
My Comrade Jan'e, Greetings!  Know Ye that
The Glorious Gods on High have heard Your grave
Petition.  Anxiously They wait for Your
Arrival, eager for to look upon
Your faces, longing for the company
Of kin much missed for many years.  Ascend
We now the Sky, and Ye may have with Tin
An audience."  The Wife and Husband stood
And followed Turmus from the Sacred Cave,
And stepping through the swirling clouds, They looked
Upon the Ancient Oak, the Linchpin of
The Earth and Sky, to which are often hitched
The Holy Horses.  Upward turning then
Their eyes to Heaven, far above the Tree
They saw the Moon suspended to the left,
But on the right the Sun was also there,
For in this Magic Place, the Navel of
The World, the Orbs are always overhead,
Astride the Pole, nor do they ever move.

  [Aquila, Cinxia, Luscinia and Serpens sang together.]

The Holy Herald out to Jana held
His hand, the right, and Jana took it in
Her left, and likewise offered She Her right
To Jan'e.  When They all were linked, then Turm's
Upraised His wand, and with His spoken Word
The Snakes did writhe around it, hissing.  Swift
The Trio soared into the Sky's dark depths,
Ascending through a tunnel formed of smoke,
Which swirled around the Oak Tree.  Higher up
They flew, ascending ever higher, up
Toward the Central Axle of the Sky,
The Pole Star, shining ever brighter at
The Zenith.  Coming closer, soon the Pole
Became a vast and brilliant Portal, whence
Divine Illumination, raining Light
And Splendor, shineth everywhere on Earth.
The Trio flew within its blazing Heart,
And entered Tinia's throne-room clad in gold,
And came within the presence of the Gods.

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