Asclepian Meditation

by Cynndara

[This meditation is oriented to pneumonia, but can be adapted to any condition.]

First, clear your mind. Imagine, if you would, that I am speaking to you, and this lighted screen is the power of my mind and my words reading out to yours. Close off your outer senses, and immerse yourself in the working. Breathe deeply if you can. I know that isn't easy right now. You don't want to override necessary automatic responses in your body like coughing, and the pain is there to tell you something. But remember also that pain is the body's fear. It's that part of yourself warning you that you are in danger, but sometimes you have to walk through the danger rather than away from it. So breathe as deeply as you can, and listen carefully to what your lungs have to say to you. Become aware of the degree of congestion, the fluid in your pleural spaces, the swelling inside your tissues. Feel the nature of the infection, and come to grips with both the organism invading your breathing space, and your own body's reaction to that organism. Listen to your heartbeat, and how it meshes with your breathing. Acknowledge your condition; accept it. Understand it.

Now turn your attention inward, and away from the body. Concentrate on a point of light between your eyes, and believe that you are walking through it into a tunnel, a passage between Time and Space. There are an infinite number of doors from this passage (you have probably been here before). You might need to walk for a while before you get to the one we are looking for. Wait until you feel comfortable that you have the right door, and open it out onto a grassy field planted with blooming hyacinths, narcissus, and wooly sage. A path of marble stepping stones leads to a copse of oak trees on your right, and a small Temple on your left. Pick three hyacinth blossoms and take the path to the right. You will go down a short slope under the trees and find yourself before a clear spring. By the side of the spring is the statue of a young woman with clear grey eyes. She is Hygeia, Health, and She is the patron of this water. Drop your hyacinth blooms in the water and dip your hands into the spring. Pour water over your head, flick a spray over each shoulder, and then take a long drink from your cupped hands. Address the Goddess with your prayer for health and well-being. Vow to Her an appropriate sacrifice on your recovery.

Now bow and step backwards from the spring, and take the path back to where you began. Pick three narcissus flowers and a sprig of sage. Turn to your left and approach the Temple. You will see the bomos as you approach, and an image of Asclepius with His snakes is recessed by the doorway. There is a fire already on the altar. Put your narcissus in the bowl, saying, "Hail, Asclepius, Son of the Sun and healer of men. I beg Your help in my life's need, and promise to serve You faithfully in recompense." Enter the Temple. Inside you will find that there are many high windows casting a soft light onto a rectangular, boxy stone altar, behind which stands a massive image of the God. There are pillows and soft blankets arranged there, and a smoldering tripod brazier beside it. Cast the sage into the brazier, and breath the fumes deeply. It's okay to cough. Remember, a productive cough helps to move infected matter out of your lungs. Breath the fumes, making any additional prayers you think might be necessary, and stretch out on the altar. Now close your eyes, forget about reading this, and fall asleep at the God's feet.

The ritual isn't perfectly authentic, but it should attract Their attention. Be well.

`ygeia su

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