Desert Moon Circle
Winter Solstice 1997

Introduction - Prst.:

"At Yule we honor the power of the night, it is a time of reconciliation, renewal and peace, forgiveness and hope, release and deep physical rest. We allow ourselves to imagine and dream of the possibilities within the Wheel of the Year. Yule is the first spoke of the Wheel and marks the conception of the Divine Child, the beginning of the return journey of the Sun to our World.

"I invite you to participate with your inner peace and calm in our celebration, in which we have sought to honor the gift of the night as a dream. We pray this will help lead to our realization of that which is new and divine within ourselves, and what qualities we might conduct into the World."

Cast Circle

"I conjure thee, Desert Moon Circle, both radiant and bright
and trace the boundary 'tween the world of man and the realms of light.
Be thou cleansed and prepared from rim to center,
Where Gods invoked may deign to enter.
All harm and fear from this place be banned,
A circle blessed, within we stand.
Be charged by the powers of the Old Ones!
So mote it be!"

Purify circle w/ salt & water

By salt, the body of the Earth, and water through which life flows I do consecrate and purify all that this circle may hold. Mother be thou adored.

Purify circle w/ fire & incense

By Fire and Air I do consecrate and purify all that this circle may hold. Father be thou adored.

Call Quarters

Invoke God


"I do choose and welcome the God of the Vine, Dionysus, who has tasted the joys of Life, to speak within our dream-"


(He enters carrying a jug of wine and walks among all as he speaks)
"Oh, How I dream of the world filled
With joy and laughter and light,
The pleasures that our sweet Lady brings,
The company of life, and the paradise I once held!

I now dream of how I have touched the perfection of glory
With shining images in contrast to this season of repose.
I dream of a life in which I frolicked-
Running strong, free and wild through a
Pulsing world of emerald forests, and sunny glen.

Behold, I am in the wine. The vines once tended with care
And pride now twist barren, fruitless, stark and alone.

Where is the harm in remembering the fullness on the vine,
When we, clad in the cloak of golden sunbeams bathed in the streaming light of Summer?

Pray join me in a dream, and revel in the silver moments of sheer pleasures of your life! Pour for each other and so you will serve yourself."

(The wine is passed by Dionysus to the first person in the circle, who in turn serves the person next to him)

Dionysus (served last) toasts to golden joy and rememberance of glory!

Prsts Invokes Hecate

"I do choose and welcome the Great Goddess of the Night,
Hecate of the Crossroads, to speak within our dream."

Hecate Speaks :

"Thy feet have borne thee from the world of light,
Here dreams are wings for travelers on this longest night.
Know ye the way and expanse of the darkness?
Know ye thyself?

Take caution, for the illusion of time
is a confusion to your desires!
Hold here until you are at last free to dream,
and find your own true will.

This is a place of letting go, and picking up.
Keep only what you can bear and make use of-
Only fools and cowards carry that which is useless!
If it be dead, then bury it here,
If it twinkles for you- then possess it!
But take not one step, nor fly from this dark time
Lest ye know the shape and form of the destiny and direction you do choose.

Your dreams are like a bird uncaged,
Hunt your true dream else it elude you!
Wealth? Talent? Pleasures? Respect? Love? Wisdom?
Dream that which you must to fulfill your becoming.

Dread not, and tarry not within the luxury of this divine, protected slumber that you sleep.
This night is an ebony cradle, rocked by my unseen hand,
Slumber here, and dream immaculate and golden,
Here safe with me until you awaken anew with the light.
Beneath your pillowed heads, place these
then fly in dreams divine!"

Recieve now the charm of true dreaming.

Prst. & Prsts Invoke the Divine Child in unison:

"We do choose and welcome the Divine Child, conceived on this longest of nights, to now speak within our dream."

Divine Child:

(in white with gold robe, enters carrying a golden bowl, a light shines up from within it, He is smiling).
"Follow my voice to find me,
I cannot be without you,
And have waited an eternity.

The world has never seen what I might be,
and none would dream how great a gift I bear,
But through you.
My radiance might illuminate a world,
I might change everything, I might change little things,
I await within a dream.

Born out of the night,
I am a reflection of a longing within you,
I sparkle in a grand fountain of your innocence.
I am eternal, I am pure beyond compare, and I am new.

Know me as the Child that becomes the Sun-
the Child that grows to become the Lover,
I am the One who will come.
I await to emerge from these shadows, seek me here.
My light will seduce heaven and Earth like a reunion of
the separated lovers that they have become.
I am a golden ring spinning, suspended at center of your forehead,
and I am a rainbow that encircles the Earth.
I beckon you bear me passage to your world,
I am the Truth that can reconcile all things and bring Peace.
Pray show me your world,
And carry me upon your expression.
Guide me to the threshold
Of the palace of of your soul,
the heart where your dreaming begins and ends.

I bring you each a candle to take with you,
for you to celebrate our union
when you find me within your dreams."

(Divine Child distributes candles)


"We now awaken, partners in a dream, partners in a circle, partners in a world we love. We can heal, we can change, we can be complete. Let us bless this world that is our partner and visualize a sphere that holds the joys that are within us. Concentrate on every precious moment that has been given to us, bring to this sphere our collective love and desire for harmony and healing, see the light return to the earth!"

"Close your eyes and sense a sphere of energy created within this circle. We now open our hands and touch this sphere, holding it with hands at hip level."

"We can heal, we can change!"
(together chant) "We can heal, we can change!"

Now we bring the sphere higher with skyward palms raising it to our shoulders!

"We can heal, we can change!"
"We can heal, we can change!"

Prepare to release our heart's prayer on magick wings towards the very soul of the World with thanks, hope, and healing for all life!

"Release!" "We can heal, we can change!"
"We can heal, we can change!"


All men here of good cheer and hope, help us run the Yule log and so bless all within this house, and its lands, and each other. The count is three, now off and out we go and greet the sweet, brisk air of night!!!
(Men carry Yule log outside and run all the way around the house or property 3 times to bless and protect it, Women cheer them on!)


Let us all help to turn this Wheel of the Year and so by change in measure to the time and season! Let us have a hand in the cycle of the World and the mysterious ways of Goddess!

Prsts. reads Yule log blessing

(Prst. places log in fire. All watch log begin to burn while songs are sung)

Yule Log Blessing

As the old Yule log is consumed, so is the Old year.
May our regrets be forgotten, as the fire warms our hearts
Let the past be blessed for its lessons, and left there-
As we move on to the New year.
With this blazing hearth we welcome the returning Sun and its promise of prosperity and joy.

As the new Yule log is kindled, so is the new year begun.
From the ashes of the dying sun a new one is born.
As our ancestors did,we celebrate the returning light in this fragrant fire,
Every ending is a new beginning.
Blessed be the Yule fire!

May the Yule log burn so bright
May all good enter with the light
Prosperity and peace on earth
We welcome with the suns rebirth.
Yule Fire blaze! Yule log burn,
As the Year Wheel now does turn!
Blessed Be!

Close circle.

After feasting, Gifts are exchanged and special children's stories read