Hymn to Aphrodite

by Luna Sea

You step forth from the waves
onto the beach.
Born of water
from the union of sky-and-earth,
You ignite!
the flames!
of our passions!

Weightless as seafoam,
moving in
no haste.

Goddess of the joys of sex and love,
the pleasures of sensuality,
the evanescent orgasm.

Remind us of our origins,
for we are all products of sexual union.
Remind us of our origins.
for all life on this planet
from the seas.

At Your favored hours of dawn and dusk
You appear.
Lovingly, You brush the earth with dewy kisses
as day-joins-night

Renew us in Your sacred bath:
the fluids of our own bodies,
the moisture of the sea,
the moisture of our passion,
the moisture of the womb,
the moisture of the ocean of life.

Let us feel the flood
of desire
and be awash with
And as the current of emotions begins to circulate
and our tensions and inhibitions ebb away,
let us dissolve ourselves
into You!

The power of Your beauty
is more than pleasing to the eye.
It is spiritual power,
springing from our depths,
transmuting physical pleasure
into ecstasy!

Pleasure is not the end.
It is the means
to mystical union with You,

In You
we find equilibrium
between natural and cultural,
cultivating ephemeral beauty
through blossoms,
through perfumes,
through adornments.

Let us reflect Your divinity
in our own selves. Thus
we anoint ourselves with scented unguents,
we bedeck ourselves with flowers,
with jewels, with lustrous embroidery.

Yours is a magic which enhances all natural beauty,
yet which makes hidden beauties evident
through art and artifice,
for it is the magic of imagination
which is Yours!

shining magic,
brilliant and smiling,
the mystery of love that begets life,
the love that creates something new
when what were two
are now


&#;169 Luna Sea/Lilinah biti-Anat 1990-1997

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