Diipetes: In Defence of the Ancient Psyche (ISSN 1106-1685). A very nicely produced magazine, well illustrated, approx. 50 pages, on Greek (Neo-)Paganism, written in modern Greek. Includes politics, book reviews and letters.

They have a website.

Green Egg

Green Egg: A Journal of the Awakening Earth. Four issues per year, US $18 per year (soon to be 6/yr. at the same per issue price). Green Egg, P.O. Box 488, Laytonville, CA 95454, USA. Published by the Church of All Worlds. Issue #109 (Summer, 1995) is devoted to Hellenic Paganism.


The summer issue of Mysticus, A Journal of Ancient Hermetics and Classical Magic is now available. The 32 page illustrated journal includes articles, rituals, philosophical essays, poetry, and a calendar of classical festival days. Mysticus is an Eleusis publication produced by Bruce Nelson whose earlier classically inspired journals included Demeters Bakery and Mythos. Subscriptions are $12 a year for three issues. New subscribers with the summer issue will also receive a free copy of the winter issue, the first in the series. Single copies are $5. To subscribe write us at 17304 Morning Deer Road, Linwood, Kansas 66052 or for further information, email us at

The Serpentine Leopard

The Serpentine Leopard is a quarterly newsletter published by
Thiasos Olympikos. Subscription is $10, with cheques payable to R. S. Firethorn; the address is Thiasos Olympikos, c/o Rhinoceros Lodge, P.O. Box 1140, Cobb, CA., 95426-1140, USA.
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