Helen I

© 2006, John Opsopaus

Divine Helen, the Goddess of the Tree of Life, stands upon Omphalos Orbis, the World Navel, the Cosmic Axis, the Navel of the Earth.  The Winged Oak, the Tree of Life, is the Cosmic Pillar connecting Heaven and Earth.  Ambrosia is drawn up from the Abyss by the Tree’s Roots, and Heavenly Dewy Nectar falls from the leaves, from both of which the Divine Nurse doth nourish the world.  She is the Matrix, the Mother, the Mater, the Matter.  (See “Omphalos Orbis,” in this gallery, which depicts the surrounding Cosmic Topography of Helen and Her Tree.)  (For more on Helen and the Tree at the World Navel, see the Olympic Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, verses viij–xij, and the discussion of the Goddess of the Cosmic Tree in my Summary of Pythagorean Theology.)

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