Omphalos Orbis

© 2006, John Opsopaus

[image of Delphic Omphalos]Omphalos Orbis is the Navel of the World, the Cosmic Axis, and this image shows the Tree at the Navel of the Earth and the Goddess of the Tree.  In the background on the left is Scylla’s Mount, the heavens-piercing Way of Ascent by which the Sage climbs the Celestial Pole.  On the right is a lower peak, the Way of Descent, which leads down past the Sacred Fig Tree toward Charybdis, by which the Mage sinks into the Watery Abyss.  In the center, on top of the Sacred Mountain, is the Omphalos Stone, a larger version of the one at Delphi (see image to right).  The Winged Oak, the Tree of Life, grows atop it; it is the Cosmic Pillar connecting Heaven and Earth.  In front of it stands Helen, the Spirit of the Tree of Life.  (“Helen I,” a more detailed depiction of Helen and Her Tree, is also in this gallery.)  (For more on the World Navel, see the Olympic Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, verses viij–xij.)

Digitally executed using DAZ|Studio®, Bryce® 5, and Bryce® 6.

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