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Numerical Values of Greek Alphabet

      1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

  x1  A  B  G  D  E *1  Z  H  Q 
 x10  I  K  L  M  N  C  O  P *2
x100  R  S  T  U  F  X  Y  W *3
Greek alphabet represented by Betacodes: ABGDEZHQIKLMNCOPRSTUFXYW.


  1. digamma (archaic Greek letter, shape similar to an F)
  2. qoppa (archaic Greek letter, shape similar to a Q)
  3. sampi (archaic Greek letter, shape similar to an M)

Numerical Values of Roman Alphabet

Genetic System*1

       1    2   3    4       5   6   7   8   9

  x1   A    B   C,G  D       E   F   Z   H   
 x10   I,J  K   L    M       N       O   P   Q 
x100   R    S   T    U,V,W,Y     X*2       


  1. There does not seem to have been an ancient system of "Roman gematria." This system is genetic (rather than phonetic) in the sense that it assigns numerical values to Roman letters on the basis of the Greek letters from which they were derived. See Genetic Correspondences Between Hebrew, Greek and Roman Alphabets.
  2. This system is the same as the Golden Dawn system, except that the latter assigns X=60. The correct value is X=600, since Roman X derives from Greek chi (which has the value 600), since chi had the phonetic value "ks" in the Western Greek alphabets.

Beatus of Liebana System

       1   2         3   4     5    6   7   8   9

  x1   A   B         C   D     E    F   G   H   I,J 
 x10   K   L         M   N     O    P   Q   R   S 
x100   T   U,V,(W)*  X   (Y)*  (Z)* 


* Beatus' System is based on the 21 letters of the Medieval Roman alphabet, which did not include W, Y or Z. For convenience they have been assigned values here.

Common System of 10th and 11th Centuries*

       1    2    3    4      5    6    7    8    9

  x1   A    B    C    D      E         F    G    H 
 x10   I,J  K    L    M      N    O    P    Q 
x100   R    S    T    U,V,W  X    Y    Z 


* This system is found in several manuscripts of the tenth and eleventh centuries. It seems to be modeled (not entirely successfully) after the Hebrew assignments.

Numerical Values of Hebrew Alphabet*

     1       2      3       4        5     6        7       8       9

  x1 A-aleph B-beth G-gimel D-daleth H-he  V-vau    Z-zayin X-cheth J-teth 
 x10 I-yod   K-kaph L-lamed M-mem    N-nun C-samekh O-ayin  P-pe    F-tzaddi 
x100 Q-qoph  R-resh S-shin  T-tau 


* The Hebrew alphabet is represented here by the Roman letters: ABGDHVZXJIKLMNCOPFQRST; W may also be used for V (vau), and Y may be used for I (iod).
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