This book is a practical handbook for two authentic ancient Greek divination systems: the “astragalomanteinon” or astragalos (hucklebone) oracle and the “Homeromanteion” or Homer oracle. In the former, the diviner casts five hucklebones to select one of 56 oracles engraved on ancient pillars. In the latter, which has been preserved in several Graeco-Egyptian magical papyri, the diviner rolls a die three times to select one of 216 verses from the Iliad and the Odyssey to reveal the oracle. In addition to new translations of both oracle texts, this book provides extensive aids for the interpretation of the oracles as well as effective divination rituals. The oracle text is indexed and cross-referenced for ease of use. Additional background information describes the varieties of ancient Greek divination, its mythological origins, and its Neoplatonic theoretical basis. Approximately 400 pages. Paperback available, hardback and kindle formats forthcoming.