• Alphabet Oracle Pocketbook [pdf]. Print this out and cut and fold according to these directions in order to have a pocket reference for the Alphabet Oracle.
  • Oracle of the Seven Sages Key [pdf]. A two-page list of the oracles with their numeric keys. I suggest printing it out on the front and back of 8.5" X 11" thick paper. Once you have learned to interpret the oracle, it is a useful summary that you can use in readings.
  • Oracle of the Seven Sages Cards [pdf]. Seven pages containing all the oracles (in English, Greek, and Latin, with their numerical keys), which can be cut into small (1" X 2.5") cards.
  • Astragalos Oracle Handbook [pdf]. A four-page draft translation of the ancient Greek Astragalomanteion. The oracle is obtained by casting five atragaloi (hucklebones), but dice can also be used.
  • Ancient Greek Dice Divination [pdf, 95MB]. Presentation from PantheaCon 2019, focusing on the Astragalos Oracle.