This book collects important works of Georgios Gemistos Plethon relevant to his Neopagan religion, for which there have not been complete English translations. It provides bilingual texts for the surviving parts of his Book of Laws, and three smaller works: Summary of the Doctrines of Zoroaster and Plato, Commentaries on the Magical Oracles, and On Virtues. The Greek text and English translation are printed in parallel columns for easy comparison. Available as 188-page paperback, hardback, and kindle ebook.
Georgios Gemistos (c.1355–1452), who called himself Plethon, was one of the most important philosophers of the late Byzantine era and a pioneer of the revival of Greek scholarship in Western Europe. As revealed in his last work, the Book of Laws, which was only circulated among disciples but was discovered after his death, he rejected Christianity in favor of a return to the Platonic worship of the classical Hellenic Gods, which he traced to the ancient wisdom of Zoroaster and the Magi. The book fell into the hands of intolerant enemies, who burned about two-thirds of it, but the surviving parts present a detailed Platonic theology and system of practice focused on the Greek gods, including rituals, hymns, and a liturgical calendar.