Inspired by the alethiometer in Pullman’s His Dark Materials, but based on the catalog of concepts in Wilkins’ 1668 Philosophical Language, the Wilkins noemamanteia (NO-ay-mah-mahn-Tay-ah) is a divination system that allows a query and oracular response to be expressed in terms of 36 genera (universal ideas or prime concepts) and their subdivisions, a comprehensive tree of knowledge. Cast lots combine with a simple arithmetical procedure to produce a response to the query. This book includes complete descriptions of the meanings of the genera and their subdivisions, helpful tables, diagrams, and charts, as well as a detailed index of all the ideas comprehended by the genera and their subdivisions. It also provides examples of divinations by both basic and advanced procedures and a divination ritual to enhance the oracle. Each of the genera is also symbolized by an appropriate Egyptian hieroglyph to aid in discerning its meaning. Available as softcover, hardcover, and kindle ebook.
    See the Resources page for the Basic and Advanced Charts and an online calculator to work the oracle.