Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie’s Pagan Bible (originally published in 1925) is a collection of ancient writings about angels, daimons, genii, guardian spirits, and similar divine beings, primarily from the Pagan authors of ancient Greece and Rome. Selections include Plutarch, Apuleius, and Maximus of Tyre on Socrates’ guardian spirit, Plotinus on soul-guardians, Proclus and Synesius on providential angels, Dionysius the Areopagite on the angelic hierarchy, Plato on the vision of Er, Cicero on the dream of Scipio, Plutarch on the vision of Sylla, Virgil on the vision of Aeneas, Zosimus on divine alchemy, Prodicus on the Choice of Hercules, Cebes’ Tablet, and more. This Pythagorean Pentagram Press edition has been newly typeset and reformatted, but presents the text and general appearance of the original edition. Edited by John Opsopaus and available as kindle ebook, paperback, and hardback (205 pages) from Amazon.