The Supercelestial Gods

These antique woodcuts of the gods were not made to illustrate Plethonís ideas about the gods (and were made 50 to 200 years after he died), but they are not incompatible. In addition to coloring them, I have made some minor changes (and even repurposed a few images). Most are from Vincenzo Cartari, Imagini delli Dei di glíAntichi (Venice, 1647); a few are from D. Gregorius Pictorius, Apotheseos tam Exterarum Gentium quam Romanorum Libri Tres (Basil, 1558), and one is adapted from Gregor Reisch, Margarita Philosophica Nova (Freiberg, 1503). Click on the image to go to a page describing the god.

0. Zeus

1. Poseidon

2. Hera

3. Apollo

4. Artemis

5. Hephaistos

6. Dionysos or Bacchus

7. Athena

8. Atlas

9. Tithonos

10. Dione

11. Hermes

12. Pluto

13. Rhea

14. Leto

15. Hekate

16. Tethys

17. Hestia

18. Kronos

19. Aphrodite

20. Pan

21. Demeter

22. Kore

Celestial Gods

23. Helios (Sun)

24. Selene (Moon)

Rulers of the five lesser planets and fixed stars.

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Last updated: August 9, 2021